Earthship Building Workshop

Clay plastering workshop
Glass bottle brick making workshop
Tyre ramming workshop
Glass bottle brick wall

The Earthship Building Workshop is a one-day course at Earthship Brighton.  The course is run in partnership with Brighton Permaculture Trust.  The course builds on the good work of Mike Reynolds and focuses on adapting Earthships to the UK and other European climates. The course dates are:

  • Friday 1st October
  • Saturday 2nd October

The Earthship Building Workshop covers some of the practical building skills required to build an earthship using waste and natural materials. All of the techniques can be used on buildings other than earthships and in other settings.  The course is designed to compliment the Self-building an Earthship in Europe virtual course.

Earthship Building Workshop outline

During the Earthship Building Workshop you will get hands-on practical experience of various earthship building techniques.  This includes ramming car tyres that make up the walls of an Earthship, clay rendering to plaster over the tyres, and making a glass bottle brick wall. Specifically the course covers:

  • Ramming car tyres: all the techniques to build with car tyres, including tyre sizing, positioning, using cardboard to line tyres, choice of infill material, tyre ramming with a sledgehammer and half-block pours. Rammed car tyres can also be used in other buildings for strawbale foundations or retaining walls.
  • Clay plastering: how to source and mix clay render / plaster, using tools, scratch coats and final coats, painting, oiling and detailing. Clay plastering can also be used on many different building materials and surfaces.
  • Glass bottle bricks: Choosing bottles, sizing and cutting glass bottles, mixing cob as the glass bottle brick infill. Glass bottle brick walls and features can be used as an internal wall in any building.

Who is the Earthship Building Workshop for?

The Earthship Building Workship is open to anyone aged 16 or over.  It is for anyone thinking about building their own earthship or sustainable home and anyone interested in learning about the practical techniques involved in building Earthships.  It is suitable for complete beginners, as well as those who are familiar with eco-building and want to know more.

Earthship Building Workshop Tutors

Jon Kalviac is the main tutor and leads all the Earthship building practical sessions. Jon worked on Earthship Brighton, the Zwolle Earthship in Holland, the Groundhouse in Brittany as featured on Grand Designs and the Sheppey Groundhouse. Jon is an Earthship Brighton tour guide and teaches on the Building with Cob course. Jon has extensive experience with rammed tyre walls and natural materials.

Mischa Hewitt was one of the project managers of Earthship Brighton, is the author of the book Earthships in Europe, and has an MSc in Architecture: Advanced Environmental and Energy Studies (Distinction) from the Centre for Alternative Technology. He is a Passivhaus Designer and Energy Consultant and has worked on many low energy and environmental building projects.

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