Orchestra of Sounds

A fun structured session run using pentatonic giant percussion instruments and sound sculptures as a music ensemble.

The instruments are made from a collection of recycled industrial and domestic parts and materials from car inner-tubes to hover pipes and stainless steel from  food industrial plants. The instruments are very durable and designed for multiple players.

The group is shown fun theatrical ways to conduct and control the ensemble using physical gestures and simple hand signals to control the tempo and dynamics of the sound. They also explore different methods for creating unique fun polyrhythms and composing scores using pictures and colours. After demonstrating some of these techniques, participants take it in turn to try leading the ensemble to make experimental music.

This musical workshop is run by Ben Gates of Orchestra of Objects.  Previous people who have enjoyed the workshop have said:

  • "Ben led the children with excitement and understanding, creating a lovely atmosphere." - Headteacher St Herbert’s School
  • "Brilliant! Absolutely fantastic. Harmonic, visuals exciting, fun and totally accessible." - Professor Chaos

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