Make and play

Making and playing sound sculptures are run with specially prepared sets of pipes designed from years of using recycled industrial and domestic pipes and tubes from gas and water to all-sorts of domestic plumbing parts. The pipes have been modified with various different multiple hole sizes so that the pipes can easily fit together giving children the opportunity to build big colourful structures (a bit like giant K’nex).

Participants are helped to explore different designs working in groups or on their own. There are many different sounding parts that can be added. These include bike wheels for clicking sounds, whistles and pumps, and turned metal notes all made from recycled parts. Sculptural towers then become sound sculptures and groups are encouraged to work on a small piece of structured or free form music using their self designed instruments.

This musical workshop lets children explore there lateral thinking and offers them a chance to work as a team on building something big. The session is finished with a short impromptu performance by each team or individual. (The instruments are not for keeping and are recycled for future workshops).

This workshop is run by Ben Gates of Orchestra of Objects.  Previous people who have enjoyed the workshop have said:

  • "Ben’s Sound Sculpture workshops are a fantastic blend of cross-curricular activities that remain long in the memories of all who take part." - Paul Crawford, CDT teacher Elms College

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