Eco Open Houses

Eco Open Houses is a collaborative project between Low Carbon Trust, Brighton Permaculture Trust and Brighton & Hove City Council

The houses feature low energy and water use through energy efficiency and water conservation measures such as high levels of insulation, renewable energy, rainwater harvesting, grey water reuse or an innovative use of recycled or natural materials.  Features include:

  • Insulation of floors, walls & roofs
  • Renewable energy systems
  • Natural, recycled & reclaimed materials
  • Green roofs & living walls
  • Water saving devices & systems

The event aims to empower and inspire members of the public to make environmental changes to their own homes and behaviour through seeing what practical steps other local people have taken in their homes.  It is about people learning from the experience of others and making positive changes to reduce their environmental footprint.  The event is free and all are welcome!

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